Daniel Crawford Created a Musical Melody Using Climate Change Data

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: vimeo & magazine.good.is
Daniel Crawford, a Geography student at the University of Minnesota worked with his professor to compile NASA’s data into a musical rendition of global warming. The string quartet musical titled ‘Planetary Bands, Warming World’ uses data from 1880 up to today.

While many illustrations and speeches attempt to convey the message of global warming, this unique interpretation is a completely new way to look at the global issue. Daniel Crawford says that "each instrument represents a specific part of the Northern Hemisphere." For example, the cellos match the temperature of the equatorial zone.

The musical rendition flows through the annual change of global warming as a single note represents each yearly change. Four musical instruments are used to "describe the pace and the place of global warming." This emotional and thought-provoking string quartet brings a new reality to the magnitude of change that is taking place all around us.