Dan Voinea Paints Images of Subjects Passing Through Objects

 - May 15, 2012
References: danvoineagallery.blogspot & booooooom
There isn’t a shortage of surreal imagery in the art community, but these Dan Voinea contributions are certainly welcomed. Painting abstract scenes of people seemingly disappearing or phasing through objects, Voinea is a master of presenting otherworldly visuals in a rendering style that fuses realism with impressionism. His concepts always come out of left field, resulting in images that are highly narrative and worth extensive examination.

Dan Voinea is currently based in Bucuresti, Romania, where he works as an accomplished art director. He primarily uses oil paints on linen canvases to produce these surreal masterpieces and is quite prolific. Personally, I enjoy how his work is subtle in its oddity rather than overtly emphasizing its own abstractions.