The Dahom CFL Candle Looks More Like an Ice Cream than a Source of Illumination

 - May 14, 2013
References: adesignaward & adesignaward
Consumers are used to lightbulbs looking rather run-of-the-mill, but get a load of these kooky Dahom CFL Candle Lamps. They don't embody the familiar bulb shape that most would recognize, nor do they reveal the helical coil that has come to replace the incandescent lightbulb.

Actually, these Dahom Fujian creations do make use of that spiraling fluorescent technology in a compact and energy-saving design. The pointy appearance of the fixtures comes from a covering skin of silicon material that diffuses the intense illumination and emulates the appearance of a licking candle flame. The Dahom CFL Candle Lamps would look particularly fitting if installed within a contemporary chandelier, radiating warm yellow light like more traditional tapers.