Cydr Lubelski Packaging Communicates Freshness and Lightheartedness

 - Oct 4, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
Even when it's you on your own, kicking back to have a drink is a great relaxing ritual. With this considered, Cydr Lubelski packaging expresses a relative simplicity and a playfulness that really keeps things light.

Brandy Design's challenge was to promote this new Polish cider to a market without much of an existing consumer base for crushed apple alcohol. Working with this notion of newness, the creative team aimed to emphasize freshness, in a scheme that would do well to describe the quality of the fruit within the product.

The three stacked Granny Smith apples has already become an icon in Poland. This brand identity is straightforward and scrumptious, as a clear photograph of clean, shiny and ripe produce that have been arranged in a whimsically off-centered way. Cydr Lubelski packaging advertises cider and a carefree lifestyle.