Katsuyuki Miyabi's Chopsticks are Designed for Those with Disabilities

 - Aug 4, 2014
References: miyabow & fastcodesign
People who face obstacles when attempting to use chopsticks may benefit from having their own custom-tailored chopsticks made. Although there might be other utensils for them to eat their meals with, sometimes there is a charm to chopsticks that few people would want to give up or miss out on. These custom-tailored chopsticks makes it possible to enjoy Asian fare in a traditional way.

Designed by Japanese craftsman Katsuyuki Miyabi, the custom-tailored chopsticks are custom made to suit each persons' needs. A cross between chopsticks and tongs, they simply need to be squeezed together to pick up food. Once the pressure is released, the custom-tailored chopsticks spring back open. According to Fast Co Design, "In Japan, one's ability to use chopsticks and the way they wield them reflects strongly upon them."