This Curvy Caravan was Personally Designed & Created by Cathy Chamberlain

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: digitaltrends & homecrux
United Kingdom-based lawyer Cathy Chamberlain created her own female-focused curvy caravan. Inspired by an unpleasant camping experience, Cathy collaborated with Watsonia Squire to produce her own personal ‘Barefoot’ camper.

The spherical camper is about 16-feet long with 105 square feet of living room. Barefoot is fully equipped with a fridge, a cooktop and a three-piece bathroom. The caravan projects a retro aesthetic, but contains numerous modernized features. Things such as the gas-powered heating system, a 30-liter water tank, USB outlets and LEDs bring this camper into the current decade. Designed with a woman’s needs in mind, there is ample space for storage and the entire design features a cohesive and well-organized systematic flow.

The curvy caravan can also be easily attached to the back of any vehicle and transported like an ordinary portable home.