Current CityIQ Sensors Focus on Monitoring Surroundings

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: zdnet & engadget
As part of its 'Smart Cities' program that it revealed at CES 2017, AT&T will be installing its Current CityIQ sensors in different cities around the US.

The first city that will see the use of these smart sensors is San Diego. The sensors are placed on streetlights and offer a multitude of functions, including intelligent lighting and the monitoring of environmental surroundings in the form of "traffic circulation, parking spots, air quality, weather emergencies, and even gunshots." The installation of the Current CityIQ sensors will be done by GE, "as part of a $30 million upgrade to San Diego's lighting system."

The new light fixtures will reduce energy costs for the city, while their accompanying AT&T sensors will have cameras and microphones, and offer "internet of things" connectivity.