Curb Media Converted a Double-Decker Bus into a Portable TV Screen

 - May 4, 2014
References: curbmedia
Curb Media has converted one of London's iconic double-decker bus into a TV on wheels. One of the bus' sides was covered in a 36 square meter screen, making it one of the world's biggest vehicular screens. The initiative is part of efforts to market and promote London Live, the first 24/7 TV channel dedicated to covering news, arts, current affairs, sports and events pertinent to the city of London.

The bus began its promotional journey in Covent Garden before embarking on a 15-day tour of London. Both live and pre-recorded content were shown, accompanied with sound from an advanced 6 Kilowatt on-board sound system also supplied by Curb Media.

Content was produced and controlled by digital agency Enigma, with interactive features including the ability to display real-time tweets and show selfies submitted by the public.