The Cue Assistant Learns Smoking Habits to Help Users Quit for Good

 - Jan 25, 2018
Despite modern knowledge of the health detriments caused by smoking, the habit remains endemic around the world, but the Cue Assistant by hopes to reduce the prevalence of smoking through artificial intelligence. The app uses motion recognition to identify when users smoke, learning the ins and outs of their habit in order to intercept urges precisely when the user needs help most. It's like a concerned friend who can jump in just as a smoker is about to go out for a drag.

The Cue Assistant combines medical knowledge with tracking data to understand users urges. Not only does it register when users go out for a smoke, but it also logs variables like nicotine intake through users' answers to simple questions. The app thus has a reliable idea of when users will need to smoke (both psychologically and physiologically).

Beyond the algorithmic tracking and medical data, the Cue Assistant — which is compatible with both smartphones and smartwatches — employs rewards systems and community engagement to keep smokers on track with their plans to quit.

Cue is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play.