The Cube Room by Fabian Gatermann is Geometrically Interactive

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: cargocollective & design-milk
The Cube Room brings the popular geometric theme to the hotel industry. Specifically, it is located in a design hostel that goes by the name of Die Wohngemeinschaft, which in turn in located in Cologne, Germany. Based around a slew of colored cubes, the aptly dubbed Cube Room will impress guests with its singular artwork and furniture.

Designed by German designer Fabian Gatermann, the heart of the Cube Room is the Art Matrix. It is an interactive piece that encourages guests to color in one cube. Made up of 400 sections, over time it will be completed colored in by people from around the world. The Light Slight Box, which changes hues depending on mood, and palette bed are also delightful.