Visualize the Thinking Process with ‘Crystallisation of Thought’

 - Mar 13, 2019
Visualize the thinking process with ‘Crystallization of Thought,’ an installation that invites viewers to enjoy a light show and be a part of it by bouncing ideas with a pong game.

More than 800 light bulbs, covered with lightweight transparent crystal figures were hung between Clarke Quay Central and the Singapore River, forming a giant screen to display the light show and pong arena.

The light show depicts the abstract audio-visual of the thinking process behind the successful innovation in four acts. First, a brainstorm gathers ideas that will be crystallized, then the possibilities will be researched, followed by the crystallization of the winning thought, and the idea being lit up, coming to life.

Not only sitting by the river and enjoy the light show, but the visitors can also play this interactive game on the installation. Just grab the D-Pad, hit the start button, and let the ball bounce the same way we bounce the idea with friends.