Katrina Zibatova's Mineral Drawings are Colorfully Striking

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: fubiz.net & fubiz.net
Katrina Zibatova creates crystal illustrations that are both whimsical and sublime. The art pieces are showcased in a chromatic palette of blue, pink and violet tones and boast layered strokes that truly resemble iridescent stones.

Known for their healing and positive properties, natural crystals are often associated with a heightened state of consciousness or well being. In the case of this series, the beautiful stones captivate their viewer and reveal a multitude of detailed facets.

If you're a fan of precious stones and minerals, you'll love these crystal illustrations by Katrina Zibatova. Whether exploring rectangular geometries, sharp edges or rounded shapes, this mineral art series will appeal to spiritual art lovers and healing crystal collectors alike.