The Blockport Exchange Removes Barriers to Entry for Beginners

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: & coincentral
Blockport is a brand-new crypto exchange, designed by cryptocurrency investors based in Amsterdam, that is designed to offer an intimidation-free trading experience for people who are looking to break into the cryptocurrency world.

The problem with existing crypto exchanges is that they tend to be very difficult to figure out for first-time users, with complicated interfaces and poor designs that make them a hassle to use. What's more, the recent hype in the cryptocurrency world means that it often takes days or weeks to gain approval to use one of these exchanges.

This is where Blockport comes in. This crypto exchange offers connective features such as the ability to communicate with other traders and even mimic their trading strategies, allowing beginners to learn from more seasoned investors. Rather than making cryptocurrency an intimidating space, Blockport aims to make it inviting for new users.