CrownBet's 'Betting Man' Ad Atracts a Female Audience

 - Apr 19, 2018
Statistically, women prefer online gambling platforms as appose to male-dominated casinos and CrownBet's 'Betting Man' ad is capitalizing on this through promoting its services with a humorous female-driven ad.

The 30-second spot follows a sharply dressed woman who explains what she would do with her winnings if she were a "betting man." Clothed in a casual suit and equipped with a cellphone instead of a pocket square, this woman discusses all the possibilities that the betting service can offer its players.

The commercial criticizes the stereotypes of who can gamble and encourages other women to pick up their phones and play. This ad cleverly taps into the largely unexplored market of female gamblers who make up a large portion of app-based betting platforms.