The New 'Crown Royal Blender's Select' is Exclusive to Ontario

 - Nov 17, 2017
References: lcbo & crownroyal
Thanks in large part to the recent efforts of the blending team at Crown Royal, Canadian whisky is enjoying a resurgence in the world of spirits. Having received numerous awards, including the 2016 World Whisky of the Year for its Northern Harvest Rye, Crown Royal is celebrating among Canadian kin by releasing its newest product, Crown Royal Blender's Select, exclusively to Ontario.

Blender's Select was crafted by Crown Royal's Master Blender, Mark Balkenende. As its name suggests, the whisky is part of a blending process — but not in the way one might assume. Rather than the product of a blend, Blender's Select is itself one of the whiskies blended into the award-winning Crown Royal Fine Deluxe.

Blender's Select comes from Crown Royal's Coffey still, an historical distilling apparatus and one of the rare few in North America. As one of the ingredients in a blend, the whisky is often in conversation with other varietals. However, Blender's Select is complex in its own right, with creamy notes of toffee and rich oak undertones; flavors that finally have a chance to shine on their own merit.

Crown Royal has partnered with the LCBO to release Blender's Select exclusively in Ontario. It is currently in LCBOs across the province, retailing for $54.95.