Louisville Ladder's 'Cross Step Ladder' Combines Two Ladder Designs

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: louisvilleladder & core77
It's difficult to imagine changing -- let alone improving on -- something as rudimentary as a ladder, but American manufacturer Louisville Ladder has done just that with its Cross Step Ladder. The design combines the benefits of both a straight ladder and a step ladder, throwing in some original innovations to boot, to create a versatile tool for handymen and construction workers.

Most ladders are either step or straight, meaning that they can either fold out to become a sturdy platform or lean against a wall to let workers get closer to the edge. The Cross Step Ladder uses chamfered corners and a compact design to be both at once, eliminating the need to own and transport two ladders for large jobs. Louisville Ladder's design also features a notch in the middle of the platform, allowing workers to safely climb the ladder on walls' corners.