The Packaging for Brittains Vodka is an Extraordinary Affair

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: thedieline
This croquet-inspired vodka branding is an upscale take on British leisure that aligns the product with an upscale lifestyle. Using storytelling and the marketability of prestige, Brittains Vodka stands out on store shelves and entices the consumer to look a bit closer.

The sleek glass bottle is transparent and features the outline of a flamingo in navy blue, a playful reference to the animal's appearance in the infamous croquet scene in 'Alice in Wonderland.'

This vodka branding is an example of brands using familiar stories and symbols to make the product accessible to consumers. By playing the sport of croquet, which has connotations of British aristocracy and fanciful summer homes, the brand is able to project themselves as high quality and upscale.