You’ll Love These Crochet Pokemon by Kuro-Mizuo

These cute crochet Pokemon were designed by deviantART user Kuro-Mizuo and they’re perfect for cuddling! The soft, little toys have beady eyes that will melt your heart, and their tiny bodies are so soft to the touch.

The creator of these cute toys made Growlithe, Eevee, Ninetails, Mew and even other pop culture characters like a group of minions and two little octopi. The crochet Pokemon are the highlight of her collection because they’re so recognizable. These are the kinds of toys that are great for people of all ages. They’re meant for collecting because once you get your hands on one you’ll want them all!

Kuro-Mizuo’s work is not yet finished and she continues to make more of these adorable toys so be sure to look out because you never know what she will come up with next!