UK Property Site Zoopla Created an Ad Featuring New Homes for Hermit Crabs

 - Aug 15, 2017
References: zoopla & 3dprint
UK property website Zoopla created a new ad called 'Crab World' that features real hermit crabs moving into 3D-printed shells with homes on them.

The ad features hermit crabs moving into shells created with 3D printing in collaboration with special effects company Artem Ltd. Since the project would be much more challenging and resource-consuming with traditional model-making, the team selected additive manufacturing for the creation of highly realistic hermit crab shells that would actually attract real crabs and not harm them. As Artem's Simon Tayler says: "With Stratasys’ multi-color, multi-material 3D printing, we were able to mirror every curve, bump and nook of a shell’s natural shape, including the interior."

For Crab World, more than 20 small-scale houses were created to resemble popular UK architecture styles from country cottages to town houses.