Create a Comfy Pair of At-Home Slippers with This Simple Crocheting Tutorial

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: alwaysrooney
These cozy DIY slippers are perfect for anyone looking to find a practical way to stay warm during those cold, winter nights.

When it comes to keeping your body temperature at a reasonable level, making sure to have the essentials, like hands and feet, covered at all times is key to staying cozy. While you can easily purchase a pair of slippers from the local store, opting to create one from scratch is a great way to differentiate your items from others. Simply requiring basic crocheting tools and yarn of your choosing, these cozy DIY slippers will surely make any chilly setting more bearable.

Featured on the site 'Always Rooney,' this DIY activity showcases how a simple sewing technique can subsequently create a wonderfully useful pair of winter accessories for your feet.