The 'Cover Clamp' Rescues Sheets from the Clutches of Greedy Sleepers

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: coverclamp & gizmodo
Anyone with a spouse or significant other who has a penchant for stealing the sheets in the middle of the night will find their saving grace with the Cover Clamp. The sleep-saving device is a method for thwarting blanket hogs by ensuring that they can't take more than their fair share of the covers, no matter how hard they pull or how much they toss and turn.

The Cover Clamp is simple yet ingenious. It comes with a flat plastic piece that connects to a strap, and on the end of that strap is a clamp. To use the Cover Clamp, the plastic base goes under the side of the bed that most often ends up coverless, and the consumer then clamps the sheets and comforter to the strap. With that system in place, the body weights of the two sleepers are enough to hold the sheets tight.