The Rural Relations Spread by Matt Barnes is Set in a Country Town

Famous Toronto photographer Matt Barnes works his eccentric magic again with his Rural Relations country town-themed photoshoot. Starring the aged actor Joe Ring and sultry seductive model Sarah Jane, the pair pose as quintessential trailer trash country bumpkins.

Rural Relations portrays the story of an aging hipster falling for a younger, rebellious girl. In what looks to be a homage to Vladimir Nabokov's famous novel Lolita, it is evident that Joe Ring's character is fascinated by the beauty and childlike innocence of model Sarah Jane. As Joe Ring poses in outlandish mis-matched outfits, bathrobes, Hawaiian-printed shirts and pot belly-exposing t-shirts, Sarah Jane opts to show off her lanky figure in tall heels, belly tops, bikini body chains and heart-shaped glasses. Both Sarah Jane and Joe Ring were styled by Matt Barnes, with makeup done by Natalia Zurawska for Tresemme Haircare.

With a vintage yellow film filter and country town-themed barns, trackers and tall grass in the background, Matt Barnes's shoot points to the love affairs that can occur in the boredom of small towns.