This Couch Safe Will Keep You and Your Property Protected

 - Aug 23, 2013
References: bedgunsafe & fancy
This couch safe has been designed with ultimate safety in mind, and if you own this sofa you can feel a little bit more comfortable in your own home.

Owing a fire-retardant safe is a must have. You can keep all your important paper work in it, and this safe is also designed to hold firearms. If you want to make sure your guns are protected, this safe is for you.

Not only is it fire safe, but it is also bullet proof. Since it is hidden in your couch, the odds of someone finding the safe is not good, but just in case, the perpetrators will have a hard time getting it open.

This couch safe also comes with straps, allowing you to wear it like a backpack. This will protect you from gunfire, should the need ever arise. Hopefully you will never need to utilize the technology that comes with this safe, but you will be able to sleep easier knowing you have them if needed.