PNC Calculates the Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas in 2013

The cost of the 12 Days of Christmas has been calculated over and over again, but this infographic by PNC shares how these costs have change over the last 30 years and what these costs really mean in 2013.

In 1984, the total cost for all of the birds, golden rings, leaping lords and other gifts would have cost about $12,000. PNC estimated that in 2012, these costs would have doubled and a year later in 2013, the total cost of the gifts from 12 Days of Christmas has risen to over $27,000.

The song has become a Christmas classic, but the practicality of purchasing all the gifts in the song have become unaffordable. If you want to impress your true love with these gifts, you will have to be ready to part with some serious cash to do so.