Permanent Make-Up, Post Chemo Eyebrows, Fake Nipples and Scar Tattoos

 - Nov 14, 2008
References: cosmetictransformations
Cosmetic Transformations is a company that is changing lives through cutting edge medical tattoos that cover scars, restore eye brows and even redraw nipples onto breast cancer survivors. Check out the impressive gallery at

The techniques are being performed by Kyla Gutsche, an Oxford scholar, University Professor and Trend Hunter who found her life changed when she underwent her own cancer treatment.

I asked Kyla about her treatments and she noted, "It’s not just about transforming appearances. It’s about restoring confidence and changing lives."

I find myself most impressed by the eyebrow tattoos.  Kyla is able to redraw each individual eyebrow hair for people who have lost theirs due to chemo. 

All of these procedures are possible thanks to cutting edge advances in tattoo technology and special medical grade pigments that work well with cancer survivors. 

But Kyla Gutsche’s services aren’t just being used by medical patients. "Many people find themselves wanting semi-permanent make-up, including full lip colour, lash enhancement, eye liner and hair stroke-enhanced eyebrows. These are medically safe pigments, which means they fade over 3-5 years… So if styles change, so can you."

Kyla Gutsche has performed hundreds of procedures around the world after studying with plastic surgeons in London and Vancouver. Now she’s based in Calgary, Alberta.

Thanks to Kyla for the images from her procedures.