From Unibrows to Tattooed Eyebrows

 - Mar 16, 2010   Updated: Mar 24 2011
These eyebrow innovations range from over-the-top finds (like beaded eyebrows) to high fashion styles (like bushy brows).

Whether or not your pluck, tweeze and shape your brows, they definitely make a difference to your overall aesthetic. That being said, check out these eyebrow innovations and see how you should attack those unruly brows of yours.

Implications - For those who aren't afraid to be a little adventurous with their appearance, eyebrow customization definitely open up a whole new realm of unexplored possibility. Although some are definitely more risque than others, the ability to drastically change your appearance by customizing your eyebrows is sure to appeal to those looking for a dramatically unique appearance. Without a doubt, this cosmetic trend is one that isn't going to be fading away any time soon.