These Meat-Filled Corner Store Treats Offer Savory and Sweet Flavors

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: ohbiteit & foodiggity
Offering a unique eating experience to the popular corner store treats are these bacon-covered Twinkies by Oh, Bite It! that creatively combine sweet and salty flavors in an unconventional blending of pork and pound cake. The dessert is creative spin on the pre-wrapped cake giving it new texture and flavor.

The Bacon Fried Twinkies are just as they might sound, containing a packaged Twinkie that is wrapped in a layer of pork and then submerged in hot oil. The end result renders the Twinkie's light and creamy filling gooey and melted while the bacon turns crunchy. The contrast between the airy cake, cream filling and crispy bacon gives the eater a variety of textures as well as a juxtaposition between sugary and salty flavors.