Brett Gaylor Delves Into Mystery-Shrouded Copyright Law

 - Jul 9, 2009
References: ripremix & nylonmag
Filmmaker Brett Gaylor is delving deep into the mystery-shrouded world of copyright law in his new documentary ‘Rip.’ The documentary focuses primarily on Gregg Gillis, better known as the sample-based DJ Girl Talk.

How come Girl Talk can sample literally hundreds of songs in his live shows and on his CDs and not get his pants sued off? How come a mixmaster is said to be a criminal as opposed to an artist under copyright law? Gaylor attempts to shed light on these questions by going deep into the history of piracy.

Best of all, Gaylor has made 'Rip' available online in a pay-what-you-want fashion (strongly channeling Radiohead’s last CD sales tactic). Not only do you get a strong message from this documentary, you get it from the marketing of the documentary as well. Brilliant!