The Cookscan Records and Replays Recipes for Perfection Every Time

 - Oct 5, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Anyone who isn't a natural chef would be able to appreciate the magic behind the Cookscan concept. Never again will you wonder how a recipe worked last time yet seems to have fallen to pieces during a second attempt.

Designed by Carlos Gurpegui, the kitchen appliance records almost every aspect of your food preparation process, using sensors on the cooktop to gather the weight and the temperature of the edibles, all the while capturing a video of your busy hands at work.

The setup affords a wonderful opportunity for you to document the expertise of a brilliant baker friend or your own talented mother. A screen plays you back all of the information surrounding the perfect meal-making method through the Electrolux Cookscan, functioning as a teaching aid and a means of quality control.