The CookPlat is Compact, Portable, Efficient and Machine-Washable

 - Dec 3, 2013
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Innovations in the domain of kitchen technology are greatly improving the functionality of close-packed culinary spaces, and Red Dot winning CookPlat is one of such convenient concepts. Designed by SeriesNemo, this cutting-edge cooktop offers a range of features that would do well to equip an apartment, and even a campsite!

The modular product has three rectangular units that each offer a different size of element. These snap together seamlessly with cleverly integrated power plugs, offering you the ability to assemble your desired stovetop. Made of Pyrex material, the vitroceramic hob uses a magnetic field to heat your pot or pan for much more energy-efficient food preparation. And if you've made a mess while throwing together your recipe, the CookPlat is safe and easy to clean with your dishes.