This Guide to Cooking a Turkey Will Make Your Festive Feast in a Snap

 - Nov 21, 2012
References: damncoolpictures
Cooking your Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful ordeal but this cooking a turkey infographic is sure to help calm one of your holiday woes.

Conveniently broken down into a step-by-step instruction sheet, the turkey infographic guides you through from the grocery store to the table. First, you'll need to gage how big of a bird you'll need to feed your guests followed by how long you'll need to defrost it if it's frozen. Next, you're on to prepping it for the oven by washing and seasoning it up. Finally, it's time to roast and you'll be guided through just how long you'll need to do so for.

Finally, you're ready to enjoy the festive feast with your friends and family who will no doubt be impressed by your sweet skills in the kitchen.