Conversing with Water Project Integrates Eco Behavior with Building

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: suckerpunchdaily
You're not just looking at a spectacularly contemporary edifice, for the Conversing with Water project doubles as a water treatment facility within its very roof and walls. The proposal grew from an interest in promoting well conceived design in places like Brazil, where brisk urbanization has meant that many buildings are erected hastily and without efficient or sustainable amenities.

Rui LIU of L-U-D Studio presents this concept for Latin America's UN Environmental Conference Center. Located in Rio De Janeiro, the project would be symbolic of political transparencies as well as a green design icon. See-through tubes form many of the spatial divisions and ceilings in Conversing with Water, pushing grey water through bio-material fungus fabric so that the structure plays its own visible role in encouraging eco-friendly architecture.