Content Aware by Antonia Basler Uses the Common Tool for Surrealism

 - Mar 15, 2013
References: antoniabasler & beautifuldecay
The Content Aware photo series centers around the similarly named Photoshop tool. When put into use, the content aware tool allows users to erase objects from images, replacing the now-blank space with content the program deems appropriate. Applying it to old family photos, the series becomes a set of surreal images that are at once familiar and utterly strange. It's almost as though they were captured in a haunted home.

Created by photographer Antonia Basler, the Content Aware photo series doesn't just stop at the replacement of imagery and objects. The Massachusetts-based artist uses the erased content on the following images, bringing the series full circle. Creepy and glitchy, the Content Aware series transcends typical family portraits.