'Contempo' Recognizes and Sorts Political Biases in News Stories

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: itunes.apple & cnet
Part of being media literate means understanding that all news outlets have some sort of bias, regardless of their claims for impartiality, and the Contempo app helps users to sort through those biases when checking the news. The app sorts news media into two categories and lets users switch back and forth between each of them at will.

Contempo has two tabs, Left Buzz and Right Buzz. By swiping left, the app gives users what it believes to be liberally biased news articles, and vice versa for conservatively biased news. Contempo sorts these articles based on a proprietary algorithm that incorporates machine learning.

By showing two sides, the app gives users the surprisingly uncommon opportunity to see how ideologically opposing arguments come to bear on the same news stories.