This Infographic Displays Consumer-Brand Relationships of Generation Z

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: adweek
Deep Focus's Cassandra Report created an educational infographic that outlines the major differences in consumer marketing strategies between generation X and generation Z. This image is based on the generations' self-assessed needs.

This easy-to-read image illustrates the major differences between what consumers of different generations want. This guide is ideal for marketers who are presenting a product or service to generation Z consumers. This guide outlines key differences between generation X and generation Z, which include generation Z's desire for "cool products" and generation X's focus on "cool experiences."

The overall theme of this consumer marketing infographic is that generation Z consumers want physical products. The way generation Z wants to be marketed to is through online ads and social media -- in fact "28 percent of generation Z consumers surveyed said they want marketers to reach them with online ads." This infographic is a powerful tool for marketers and brands who are targeting generation Z consumers.