New Orleans Series by Connie Tsang Puts Positivity in the Big Easy

 - Sep 11, 2011
Connie Tsang gracefully captures uplifting images of New Orleans in recovery mode. This Toronto, Ontario-based artist has a passion for photography and photojournalism, both of which come out loud and clear when gazing at her New Orleans work. 

Connie Tsang’s New Orleans captures combine uplifting graffiti messages like "Kill ‘em with kindness," and "If I ever hurt you I’m sorry," as well as playful Mardi Gras shots. This talented artist explains her recent photography project on the Behance Network with a simple phrase that perfectly epitomizes the city: "combining the grit and vibe of NYC, the architecture and quaint beauty of Paris, the exotic sins of Bangkok, and the indie culture of Portland, New Orleans is one very delicious city."