The 'Congress is Rich' Infographic is Comedic and Lavish

The 'Congress is Rich' infographic shows just what rappers and members of the US government have in common: oodles and poodles of cash. The artistry behind the graphic is an absolutely hilarious way of showcasing the not-so-hidden truth about the riches of Congress' superstars from John Kerry to Michelle Bachmann and even dating back to Ben Franklin, the famous face of America's $100 bill. Its blunt title, "I'm Rich B*tch: Why Congress Is Way Richer Than You," draws viewers in, and on the heels of the 2012 Presidential race, this infographic couldn't be more relevant.

While it's no secret that the current rulers of the free world also have the biggest stake in its economy, the 'Congress is Rich' infographic puts forth a shocking statistic. While there is only a minuscule percentage of millionaires in the states, (1%) the percentage of these millionaires in Congress is over half (58%)!