The Narrow House Installation Reflects Upon Modern Living

 - May 30, 2011
References: & infofungem.blogspot
A humorous installation called The Narrow House (created by Erwin Wurm and currently on show in Denmark), invites you to reflect on the confined spaces of modern living.

As cities expand in all directions and personal spaces are compressed, the limitations of urban living start to become unbearable... or are they? The installation, as part of the Narrow mist exhibition, invites you to form your own opinion.

You are free to enter The Narrow House and get stuck in the narrow corridor and the narrow door. You may observe very closely the decoration on the walls and peek into the tiny bathroom. The kitchen and any places to store stuff are almost inexistent.

Erwin Wurm finds a smart and fun way to display the extremes of tightness and makes you re-evaluate your one-bedroom urban flat.