The Conester Drink Coasters Feature Micro-Suction Materials

 - Apr 17, 2016
References: prefundia & thegadgetflow
Drink coasters are one of those things that are absolutely ubiquitous in that you can find them pretty much anywhere and this has always been the case; however, it bears mentioning that coasters have barely evolved at all in terms of materials, structure and shape -- until now.

The Conester is a new kind of drink coaster that is designed to make it easier than ever for you to enjoy your beverage of choice in a restaurant, pub or at home whilst ensuring that your drink doesn't fall. This coaster takes the form of a well that you can insert a coffee mug or a pint of beer into, with special micro-suction technology used to keep your beverage secure. These drink coasters are made out of polypropylene, which is lightweight and easy to clean and also doesn't absorb much moisture.

Ultimately, this drink coaster is a great purchase for people who spill their drinks a lot and would prefer not having to worry about it happening to them again whether at work or elsewhere.