The Concrete Pipe Clock Has an Endearing Quality, Despite Industrialness

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: & leibal
If I were to describe to you the makeup of the Concrete Pipe Clock, would you guess that it might have a sweet look about it? The industrial timepiece is made of a poured cement mixture to form a heavy tube, yet it exudes a delightful charm.

Hobby:Design gives you the DIY instructions for constructing your very own homemade version of the chronometer, offering you the PDF templates to make the process simple. Using PVC sheets, you can form a pair of cylinders that sit one inside the other. Fill the gap between them with your hardening mixture and let it sit overnight. The little Concrete Pipe Clock will dry with a beautiful beveled edge. Once you fit the clock kit, the product can be sat up on its slant or left to roll on its side.