The FreeMotionHandling Concept Sphere Can Pick Up and Drop Objects

 - Apr 7, 2016
References: festo & gizmag
Festo's Bionic Learning Network has managed to conceive, design and develop a highly innovative and high-tech concept sphere that essentially takes the form of an autonomous gripping sphere that is more than capable of grasping onto an object before picking it up and flying it to another location before safely and securely dropping it off.

Dubbed the FreeMotionHandling concept, this autonomous gripping sphere is equipped with a pair of special cameras that are used for object detection, with one of the cameras located in the gripper tool itself for maximum accuracy.

This autonomously gripping concept sphere is essentially a fusion of two previous projects -- the eMotionSphere and the FlexShapeGripper. Ultimately, the FreeMotionHandling project goes to show and exemplify the cumulative nature of technological advancement, with previous high-tech inventions being made more versatile and expansive with this particular project.