This Light-Based Computer Chip is 15-Times Faster Than Electric Ones

 - Dec 27, 2015
References: & damngeeky
As researchers continue to innovate in an attempt to find even more efficient ways to communicate and power smart technology, this Light-Based Computer Chip has been developed by a team of researchers from MIT, the University of California and the University of Colorado.

Rather than using electricity like all computer chips do, the Light-Based Computer Chip utilizes photonics instead to make data transfer speeds up to 15-times faster than previously capable. By using light instead of electricity, the chips are capable of being more energy efficient and streamlined.

The 3mm by 6mm Light-Based Computer Chip is capable of providing a bandwidth density of 300GBs per square millimeter, which means more power in less space.

The new chip technology could help to revolutionize the computer, smartphone and smart device market in paramount ways.