Complect Coffee Table is Designed for Easy Setup and Breakdown

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: mattfinder & tuvie
If you're a fan of furniture that is easy to assemble and isn't from IKEA, you are going to love the Complect Coffee Table. Designer Matt Finder has created a coffee table full of curves that needs only a screwdriver to be assembled.

The Complect Coffee Table has two large curved legs that can be mounted simply by sliding them into marked slots and screwing them into place. The Complect Coffee Table addresses the fundamental flaw with today's mass-produced and easily assembled sets of furniture: how are you going to take them apart? We've all marveled at how easy it was to build a bench or a table, but have you ever thought of how hard it would be to disassemble it when needed? Lucky for you and I, Matt Finder has.