Communism Protecting China's Youth?

 - Apr 11, 2007
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Beijing is implementing a new system to track and control your real identity in online game sites. They would like to expand it in the future to include blogging as well. Why? They claim online gaming is a huge industry in China and they want to cut down on gaming addiction, but from the quote below, it's obvious: They want to know what you are saying and thinking on the Internet at all times. Since gamers talk and type alot of trash, they want to catch offenders or deter them by forcing them to reveal their true identities when they sign-up. Talk about Big Brother wanting to know everything, all the time. I'm sure that if they could, the Chinese government would come to your house and install a tracking chip in your head. That way they can monitor your every thought and arrest you accordingly, just for being what's known as human.