Cinco Toys Promotes Unsuccessful Products

 - May 10, 2009
References: youtube
Cinco creates fake commercials for the most useless and unlikely toys for children and adults.  In the video above, you can expect to enjoy:
1.  My new Pep Pep: A plastic grandfather replica that smells of tobacco and even dispenses hard candy!

2.  Candy Tails: Horse hair dipped in syrup and candy that is clipped onto your head for a tasty treat.

3.  D’Ump: Half Deer, half umpire. It is used to detect bears as well as participate in baseball games.

4.  Encyclopedia of Numbers: It is exactly what it sounds like and is promoted by the Office’s very own Dwight.

5.  T’ird: The lovechild of a turtle and bird.  Throw the toy and several hours later, it will return to you via it’s slow turtle legs.

6.  Balls Insurance: Get cash for getting sacked.

7.  B’ougar: A combination of a bear and a cougar, this toy is a bone-chilling bedroom accessory.