The World's Smallest Comic Strip is Etched on a Strand of Hair

The world's smallest comic strip is a strip called 'Juanita Knits the Planet', and has been etched onto a single strand of human hair. The comic strip was created by artist Claudia Puhlf├╝rst, who put it together in response to a request from the Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting (EHSM), a gathering of open source and DIY enthusiasts in Germany.

The protagonist of the comic strip Juanita and her friends stand approximately 10 microns tall. The comic strip telling their story was intricately etched onto a human hair using a focused ion beam. A sharp and high-speed of jet was directed towards the hair to etch the comic strip's patterns onto it.

When viewed through a microscope, it becomes evident that the comic strip was indeed successfully etched onto the human hair.