The Vox Continental Features the Unique Sound Of the Iconic 1960s Version

 - Sep 7, 2017
References: voxamps & newatlas
While the flashy electric guitar has grabbed all the attention in the history of rock 'n' roll music, the fact of the matter is that the humble combo organ has been responsible for the distinct sound of several iconic songs, and the Vox Continental is an organ that celebrates this functionality.

Back in the 1960s, the so-called Connie organ was used by such bands as The Doors and The Velvet Underground, and the unique-sounding combo organ has now been put through a renaissance, retaining the sound that made it famous while taking advantage of new technologies. The new additions include a special software engine that replicates the original Connie organ's sound, not to mention 10 GB of memory.

By marrying the sound of the old-school Connie with the wonders of modern musical interfaces, the Vox Continental is positioning itself as the combo organ that every keyboard player wants in their repertoire.