HamToast’s Close-Ups of Colorful Bubbles Will Blow Your Mind

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: minus & lostateminor
Dennis Bohman has perfectly captured the cosmic qualities of colorful bubbles in his new photo series. To help out some new photographers who maybe want to try this out, Bohman offered some steps so that amateur shutterbugs can replicate these photographs in their own homes. All you need is a clear glass filled with olive oil and food coloring. The photographer just mixes the liquid with a spoon, creating bubbles, then capturing the images with a high-resolution camera.

Dennis Bohman’s incredible photographs are so well-defined and gorgeous that they almost have an otherworldly quality to them. In fact, they look as if they existed in another universe entirely. These photographs could probably fool some unwary dinner guests who may not be knowledgeable on the subject of outer space, since the bubbles themselves look like planets, while smaller air pockets around them appear as stars. It truly is a magnificent photo series and one that is easy to recreate at home.