Collection Magazine Emphasiszes Collecting as an Art Form

 - May 21, 2011
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Australia's Collection Magazine is not just an art publication; instead, the publication is the art. Forget the trashy, glossy tabloid magazines of today.

Collection Magazine tells us: "Since the birth of magazines, readers have been collecting. Tearing, collating, filing, sticking and tacking; work or play, this is a trend that thousands of people all over the globe have adopted." Observing this phenomenon, the magazine's creators created an outlet for people to continue this habit without feeling like they have destroyed the art. Every page is designed to be tearable and framable.

Readers have been tearing out the pages of the high-fashion editorials featured in the Collection to create their own artistic experience through the mag. As implied with its name, Collection magazine is every art collector's dream. It features high-end art and collectable images that would be a shame to throw out.