The Cold Pot by Thibault Faverie Lowers Temperatures Naturally

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: thibault-faverie & psfk
Winter might still be in full effect, but people could benefit from thinking about how to maintain this cool weather throughout the hot summer months that will soon be upon the Northern Hemisphere; enter the Cold Pot. The Cold Pot is a terracotta container that uses a natural evaporation process to lower the temperature around it.

Designed by Zurich-based independent designer Thibault Faverie at the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), the Cold Pot is not only a bio air-conditioning system, it is also a good-looking one. It forgoes the clunky look of big plastic cooling contraptions for something smaller and more earthy. In fact, guests will most likely mistake it for an empty flower pot rather than an air conditioner.